8. International Collaboration

The international collaboration project is designed to collate information regarding international osteopathic practice, reinforcing partnerships and sharing learning and resources for the benefit of UK osteopathy.

Why is international collaboration relevant to me as an osteopath?

This resource is relevant to you if you are interested in practicing overseas or want to tap into the myriad of osteopathic networks across the world.

Created by the Osteopathic Development Group, the international collaboration website provides details of international projects in the areas of osteopathic education, research, regulation, clinical practice and business development, which we hope UK osteopaths and students will find useful.

Why is international collaboration important for the development of the profession?

We are working in an ever growing international community, providing UK osteopathy with an important opportunity to build networks, and to learn and share good practice with our colleagues across the world.

For this reason the purpose of this project was to pull together in one place details of international networks, developments and events that are of interest to UK osteopathy. This information is available on the international collaboration website at: www.osteointernational.uk

How can I get involved?

If you have any questions about this site or if you feel content is missing, we would like to hear from you. Please contact the project team, by emailing matthew@iOsteopathy.org.

Project background


The osteopathic profession is working in an increasingly global community for both practitioners and patients, providing more opportunities to formulate new alliances that could usefully help to inform and develop UK osteopathic practice. While different organisations and individuals in the UK already have good international contacts, there is a need to bring together the wealth of information scattered across multiple international osteopathic networks and alliances to ensure maximum return and benefit to osteopathy in the UK. The focus of this project is to investigate and reinforce partnerships between osteopaths across the world in order to share learning/resources and avoid duplicating activities, especially with respect to best practice in promotional, research, educational and clinical practice.

Initial research phase/s


An initial survey of all known contacts was conducted at the start of 2014, with invitations to the international community to highlight other less well known resources.

In order to improve access to this wealth of information, which is currently scattered across multiple international osteopathic networks and alliances, a web-based portal was developed.

Discussions took place among the Osteopathic Development Group members, particularly around the rationale and structure of the proposed information portal. Further consultation with other groups within the profession took place in autumn 2014.

By February 2015, a pilot website was developed for review by members of the Osteopathic Development Group, before going live in October 2015.

The project team has consulted osteopaths and the ODG board throughout the development of this project.

Project team

The website is currently curated by the Institute of Osteopathy


Matthew Rogers: matthew@iOsteopathy.org