The Osteopathic Development Group comprises the following five organisations:

  • ODG
  • ODG
  • ODG
  • ODG
  • ODG

Council of Osteopathic Educational Institutions ( — representing the higher educational colleges .

General Osteopathic Council ( — the regulatory body.

Institute of Osteopathy ( — the professional body within osteopathy, which also provides the secretariat for the Osteopathic Development Group.

National Council for Osteopathic Research ( — responsible for conducting and promoting research.

Osteopathic Alliance ( — representing many of the post-registration CPD providers.


The Osteopathic Development Group meets regularly to discuss progress and strategy to ensure the tangible fulfilment of its work.

Get involved

If you think you have a role to play in helping the Osteopathic Development Group to achieve its exciting and challenging agenda, please contact any of the stakeholder organisations directly or email Matthew Rogers, the Group’s coordinator at

Key priorities

This venture is specifically designed to benefit individual osteopaths, the public and the profession as a whole, initially through the realisation of eight different project streams.